I'm a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp expert based in London. Having graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Sports Studies and having played football at a semi-professional level, I enjoy combining my fitness theory with exercise practicality and body biomechanics.

A dedicated personal trainer, I pride myself on educating my clients and being committed to their success. My methods are geared towards sustainable progress and maintaining long-lasting results.

Passionate about fitness, I advocate healthy living as a way of life; a healthy balance of diet and exercise. I know what works and how to integrate it into an exciting and adrenaline pumping workout. Through training and modifying my own diet over many years, I possess a great understanding of the real issues we face to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Working with an array of clients, each with their own unique set of goals has armed me with great insight into how combining specific exercise techniques and treating all clients as individuals, achieves 100% success. It was this experience that led me to develop my unique programme which is now 'Spartan Training'.